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The Self and the Lotus: A Jungian View of Indian Buddhism, Volume I & II

by George R. Elder

George Elder has just published a two-volume work entitled, The Self and the Lotus: A Jungian View of Indian Buddhism. You can read about it and how to purchase it on his website,, or on the Study Center website at "Jungian Thoughts"--Post, "Book Launch!"

This remarkable work on Buddhism introduces the psychology of C. G. Jung and demonstrates to what extent Jung knew about Buddhism, how he used it to comment upon the psychology of religion in general.

George Elder is the editor of Buddhist Insight: Essays by Alex Wayman (1984); of Edward F. Edinger's Archetype of the Apocalypse: A Jungian Study of the Book of Revelation (1999); and co-editor of An American Jungian: In Honor of Edward F. Edinger (2009). He is the author of The Body: An Encyclopedia of Archetypal Symbolism, in collaboration with ARAS (1996) and also the author of The Snake and the Rope: A Jungian View of Hinduism (2012).


The Archetype of the Apocalypse - Analyzing the Pandemics of Racism, Covid-19, and Climate Change from a Jungian Perspective

by Dr. Bill Grevatt is now available on Amazon.

Click here for the Amazon Link

Wylie publishers announce that an excerpt of this book’s first two chapters, published in Journal of Analytical Psychology, is among their most downloaded papers!


Dr. Edward Edinger’s Archives Digitalized and Online

We are proud to announce that Dr. Edward Edinger’s seminal body of work interpreting the concepts and discoveries of C.G. Jung has been digitally transcribed. These materials are now permanently offered for viewing at the Library of Congress located in Washington, D.C. and online. (

This Collection offers profound understanding of Analytical Psychology.

Over 3,000 items are available for scholars, analysts, and students of depth psychology to explore their interest in the development, teaching and practice of Jungian Psychology.

We invite and encourage you to access the Collection here:

If you would like to share your experiences, contact the Collection curator: [email protected]

Image credit: George Ripley, from The Marrow of Alchemy.