Saturday at 10:00 AM
Abandonment of the child is an archetypal experience which can serve as an initiation into the individuation process. Appearance of a child in a dream can initiate contact with the gold in the shadow lost often through early trauma. The inner journey leading to the orphan within can be a perilous and a dangerous road but if weathered can lead to renewal and psychological transformation. What does the appearance of a child in a dream represent or more recently the abandoned child in the collective consciousness? In this workshop will seek to answer these questions and explore the archetype of the child and the significance of this motif by drawing upon Jung's writings, case material and present events.
Saturday at 10:00 AM
Through our own moral and political ineptitude, we have unknowingly invited the Trickster archetype into our midst in the form of Donald Trump, our Trickster President. Terrifyingly, we now have no idea what will happen to us. Within this new dynamic, we must now confront the trickster, as it manifests within him.

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